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Ada and the Lost Horizon


One story. Billions of storytellers. The ultimate lockdown project.
An interactive, collaborative storytelling game for the days of social distancing


• A “Choose Your Own Adventure” where the only limits on choices are your own imagination.
• A scavenger hunt within the confines of your own home.
• A real-world Ready Player One experience.
• A community-oriented coronavirus quarantine activity that takes you on an imaginary journey to another world—and a physical journey away from your computer screen


A girl named Ada wakes to find herself alone. She was supposed to be here with her younger brother, Teddy. She was supposed to be watching out for him. But Teddy has disappeared in the night. Ada must find him, but her only clue is a ransom note. What the ransom note says, where it leads her, and if and how she ever manages to see her brother again…Well, all of that is up to you.

Learn more about how to play here.

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